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THYMUSKIN - solves thin hair problems.

THYMUSKIN® solves thin hair problems – proven successful in tests°*

Thymuskin is actively engaged in scientific research with repeated, convincing positive results found by dermatological clinics and university hospitals:

Since the very beginning we have cooperated with wellknown clinics, teaching and university hospitals in the field of dermatology and research into thymic peptides. You will find a list of examples of this below.

Extracts from current study findings

The continuous improvement made by all test subjects shows that reinforcing the hair follicle

  • supports the improvement of scalp coverage, for thicker, fuller looking hair°*
  • providing noticeable thicker, fuller looking hair°*

The thymic peptide complex GKL-02 is biologically active and responsible for

  • improving the supply of nutrients to the cells of the hair root (follicle)°*
  • powerful stimulation of sclap condition and noticeable results°*

A positive long term effect was still observable three months after treatment. This can be ascribed to the stimulating effect of the active thymus peptide complex GKL-02 on the keratinocytes1.

1Source: Dermatologists of Italy, Donne Dermathologhe Italia DDI, Published 2009 in Journal of Plastic Dermatology (issue 5, Nr. 3, September December 2009), Official Organ of the International-Italian Society of Plastic-Aesthetic Dermatology (ISPLAD).

Cooperation partners in testing Thymuskin cosmetics

  • Academic Teaching Hospital of the Universities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg
  • City Hospital of Vienna-Lainz, Austria
  • Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
  • University of Münster
  • Medical Academy Hannover
  • Medical Hospital of the Technical University Munich
  • German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg
  • Dermatology Unit, University of Milan, Italy
  • Women Dermatologists of Italy (DDI)
Clinically tested