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THYMUSKIN - solves thin hair problems.

THYMUSKIN® Professional is our expert support program for the consultation and treatment of people with hair loss problems.

The service is directed to pharmacists, physicians, medical practitioners, hairdressers and beauty professionals to provide practical guidance for an effective treatment, application and monitoring.

Thymuskin FORTE
  • Clinical information and studies
  • Guideline for best practice application
  • Guideline Thymuskin Hair Count Method
  • Individual documentation of therapy course
  • Success control based on a valid benchmark
  • Hair Loss – Basics and practical information for experts to start consultation and treatment of people with hair loss problems

THYMUSKIN® PROFESSIONAL • effective • with success control • no side effects

The Thymuskin® Professional therapy concept

Thymuskin - the problem solver against hair loss helps since almost 30 years and is repeatedly, successfully tested clinically by academic teaching hospitals and university hospitals.

Counseling to people with hair loss problems

What type of hair loss is it? What should be done next? What kind of useful advice can be provided? Hair loss is a very broad topic. A basic understanding of a preliminary consultation is achieved with our practical guide. This does not replace the consultancy of a medical practitioner (e.g. blood test, hormone status) but provides a basic understanding, orientation and answers frequently asked questions about the topic. The purpose is to gain a basic knowledge and practical guidance to consult people affected by hair loss.

Thymuskin therapy treatment

Especially for the treatment of androgenetic and diffuse hair loss, Thymuskin has been tested and successful proven to be effective. How do I apply Thymuskin? What are the success drivers for the therapy? Tips, techniques and informational support for the best possible therapy results.


Use the Thymuskin-Haircount-Method in order to monitor the course of therapy based on empiric data - simple and reliable. Regulary conducted hair counts are a valid benchmark and determine whether the hair loss is declining. Commonly, an initial decline of hair loss cannot be recognized by the person suffering from hair loss. It is hardly possible to notice, see or even “feel” if you lose for example 190 hairs instead of 200. But this first moment of success is very important to be aware of. Usually after a couple of weeks of accurate application, it motivates the person to keep on with the program and thus it essentially supports the further successful outcome of the therapy.

Thymuskin App

Watch – your hair loss decline

The Thymuskin-Haircount-Method is now available as a web application. For each customer or patient you can set up a profile (anonymously), which documents the therapy course and displays an according chart – watch your hair loss decline.

For more information about the Thymuskin Professional therapy concept please contact us.