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THYMUSKIN - solves thin hair problems.


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  • THYMUSKIN PREVENT Hair Treatment 100 ml

    The dermatological THYMUSKIN® PREVENT System, preventive care, against light hair loss and for long-term aftercare

    free of silicons and free of parabenes, 100ml lasts for ca. 50 days of application

    The biological highly active THYMUSKIN® PREVENT Hair Treatment for application to the scalp,  apply especially:

    • Preventive care & against light hair loss
    • Long-term aftercare, to maintain successful hair status after Thymuskin therapy
    • Especially for prevention of androgenetic hair loss before it occurs
    • Effective, free of harmful side effects + caring properties
    • Strengthens immune defense & regeneration of the hair follicle
    • System: shampoo & treatment serum (tonic) for combined daily usage
    • Mix & match with all Thymuskin Scalp-Treatment Serums (PREVENT, MED, CLASSIC, FORTE)
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