Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is relatively common in women with about 30% experiencing at least some degree of thinning in their lifetime. Because female hair loss tends to be diffuse (less hair all over), rather than showing the characteristic “patterned alopecia” of men, and the fact that the frontal hairline in women is often maintained, there is a misconception that hair loss in women is rare – but this is not true.

The psychological effects of hair loss can be significant, and many women are emotionally affected even when thinning is in its very early stages. This is, in part, due to the assumption that few women lose their hair and that, in contrast to men, where it is “OK to be bald,” any hair loss in women is socially unacceptable. Both of these false perceptions make dealing with hair loss particularly difficult for women.

To add to the problem, the widely used medication, Propecia and 5% Rogaine are not recommended for women, so there is a perception that medical progress in treating female hair loss is not as advanced, or that the medical community does not take the treatment of female hair loss as seriously. Lastly, because hair loss in women can so often be disguised with existing hair, many women choose to hide their hair loss from others. Not sharing their problem tends to isolate them and makes the ability to deal with their hair loss more difficult.

Hair loss in women is generally very gradual, with the rate accelerating during pregnancy and at menopause. It is more often cyclical than in men, with seasonal changes that reverse themselves, and it is more easily affected by hormonal changes, medical conditions, and external factors.

Fortunately, since most of the time women’s hair loss is relatively mild and progresses very slowly, it is rare for women to lose so much hair that they can’t hide the thinning with creative styling techniques and it is extremely uncommon for women to develop an area that is totally devoid of hair.

The most common pattern of hair loss in women is diffuse and since a diffuse pattern can be caused by a number of medical conditions rather than common genetic hair loss, the hair loss can often be reversed. ThymuSkin has been proven effective as a hair loss treatment for women in more than 95% of females during extensive clinical trials.  A ThymuSkin Super Kit or Super Med Kit are good choices for most women just getting started with our products.

Hair loss treatment with over-the-counter ThymuSkin hair preparations is fast, easy, safe and free from side-effects. Simply replace your former shampoo and hair care products with preparations from the extensive range of ThymuSkin products. Wash your hair regularly with ThymuSkin Shampoo and follow up with an application of ThymuSkin Treatment or Gel. One may elect to use ThymuSkin Treatment in the morning and ThymuSkin Gel or Gold Treatment in the evening for even faster results. Under the influence of the ThymuSkin active ingredient complex, the condition of the hair normalizes after just a few weeks and the hair roots are stimulated to promote new growth.

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