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THYMUSKIN - solves thin hair problems.

Effect hypothesis

Independent Study confirms effect hypothesis

An independent study* has precisely analyzed and determined the cellular process of hair growth: the thymic peptide Thymulin acts as a direct modulator of human hair follicle growth. Thymuskin contains Thymulin, along with other biologically highly active thymic peptides (free of animal ingredients).

In the laboratory testing, this thymic peptide led to high growth rates in human hair follicles. It interacts with parts of the neuroendocrine system, and right those hormones are produced, which are involved in the regulation of human hair growth (such as prolactin and thyrotropin). This mechanism of action stimulates also in Thymuskin Shampoo and in Thymuskin Scalp Serum the process of hair formation and thus supports  natural hair growth.

*Meier N et al.: Thymic Peptides Differentially Modulate Human Hair Follicle Growth. Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2012) 132, 1516-1519