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THYMUSKIN - solves thin hair problems.

Cosmetic Tolerance & Hair Care

Cosmetic Tolerance

Thymuskin is free of any side effect even with long-term use°*. It contains the biologically active ingredient GKL-02 and moreover additional premium caring ingredients for scalp and hair. All shampoos and scalp serums are free of silicone, parabenes and free of bovine ingredients.

The good tolerability and cosmetic acceptance have been repeatedly been proven in tests.°*

Hair Care

In addition to natural substances, lightweight conditioning and treatment ingredients, Thymuskin also contains the active thymic peptide complex GKL-02. This ingredient composition is foremost responsible for reinforcing the hair follicle, providing noticeable thicker, fuller looking hair°*. Furthermore, the four Thymuskin lines are offering a customized solution for every need.

Natural active ingredients such as caffeine, vitamin E and Urtica dioica provide additional caring and nurturing functions. Thymuskin also deploys compounds with protective properties, which can prolong hair life, such as the GKL-02 complex and caffeine. Also included are cosmetic ingredients like Panthenol or plant- & wheat proteins, which form a group providing hair conditioning properties and hair resilience.°* Thymuskin Shampoo helps to remove sebum, which potentially may clogg the follicle. Scalp and hair is being cleaned from fatty acids and environmental influences. All surfactants in Thymuskin Shampoos are gentle.

Thymuskin contains no animal substances but thymic peptides of high quality. The GKL-02 complex of peptides and proteins combined with the vitamins A, B, E and F normalize the hair condition and provide important vital nutritions for scalp and hair. The actions reinforce hair and improve scalp coverage most efficiently. °*

The result is beautiful, natural and strong hair, free of unwanted additives such as parabens, silicones or animal ingredients. °*

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