Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Coping with Hair Loss during Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy hair loss is one of the most physically and psychologically distressing side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs and radiation. Alopecia (baldness) that results from chemotherapy and radiation is absolutely devastating to the mindset of most male and female cancer patients. Just the thought of alopecia can cause some patients to refuse potentially curative or medically proven chemotherapy treatment.

Most oncologists are not concerned about their patients' baldness because hair loss is generally transient and not life-threatening. Very often doctors recommend that their patients wear hair wigs, hats or scarves to hide the hair loss caused by chemo. On the other hand, the suffering patients tend to fear hair loss as one of the dreaded side effects of their cancer treatment even knowing that it is reversible and, in most cases, short-lived. Even when a patient keeps his cancer a secret, sudden hair loss may alert an observer into realizing that cancer may be present. The psychological effect of hair loss among cancer patients can sometimes suppress their immune system as much as the anticancer drugs and radiation themselves.

Today many European oncology clinics spare their patients from experiencing the hair loss that occurs from the necessary combination of toxic chemicals known as chemotherapy. This is accomplished by having cancer patient’s shampoo with ThymuSkin Shampoo and then following this immediately with one minute of scalp massage using a small amount of topically applied ThymuSkin Hair Treatment, med Gel or ThymuSkin Gold Treatment which is then absorbed into the hair follicles. ThymuSkin prevents hair loss in patients undergoing mild to moderate forms of chemotherapy. Therapy should be started one week before treatment begins and continued during the course of chemotherapy treatment. However, if you will be receiving Adriamycin in your drug “cocktail” we regret that nothing can be done to prevent your hair from falling, not even ThymuSkin. Therefore it is recommended that only patients who are not receiving Adriamycin should consider purchasing ThymuSkin products to prevent chemotherapy hair loss. On the other hand, if you have already ended your chemotherapy /raditaion treatment and lost your hair, ThymuSkin can help you to grow new hair. If that is the case, consider the med shampoo.


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