About ThymuSkin ®

ThymuSkin is a range of hair care products for use against congenital (androgenetic) hair loss as well as other forms of Alopecia. It has been proven to promote new hair growth in organically intact, yet inactive hair follicles. The unique patented formula of active ingredients in ThymuSkin includes materials derived from nature-identical, synthetic thymus peptides, plant proteins and vitamins B, E und F. The synthetic peptides are identical to those of a natural thymus without being of animal origin. Like the natural extract, the synthetic extract in ThymuSkin demonstrates high biological activity which strengthens the immune defense of hair and skin cells. It heightens cell vitality and has the ability to minimize and help prevent the death of follicle cells. ThymuSkin can improve cell migration of the hair follicle during the growth (Anagen) phase. The hair follicles that are still intact are re-activated, new hair is formed and the growth phase is significantly prolonged.

The thymus gland is an important organ of the lymphatic system. The thymus gland plays a significant role within the immune system. It is where the T lymphocytes, which detect foreign matter in the body, such as bacteria and viruses, are formed. Isolated from the thymus are various peptides called thymosins. The peptides contained in the thymus are also characterized by their ability to neutralize and normalize dysfunction at the hair follicle. These valuable peptides are contained in the active ingredients of ThymuSkin. In case studies on human blood cells it was found that ThymuSkin causes lymphocytes to divide. The stimulation of human lymphocytes is independent of the messenger substances of the body's own immune system. The growth-stimulating effect on the cells in the hair follicles is connected to this and thus takes place directly at the hair roots. The unique active complex supports the creation of new hair cells and strengthens those that are already present. The peptide compounds in ThymuSkin penetrate the hair root and have a positive effect on hair cell growth. These benefits have been strongly confirmed by several controlled observational scientific studies throughout the world. Negative side effects are impossible. All ingredients are natural, safe and effective. In depth details about each ThymuSkin product can be found on the next pages. 

ThymuSkin Hair Treatment Conditioner and Blue Shampoo

Thymuskin Shampoo and Hair Treatment Conditioner  prevent hair loss while nourishing and strengthening the hair and hair roots. For more than 20 years, these biologically active hair care products have proven effective for millions of people. The ThymuSkin active ingredients, which are made from vitamins and nature-identical ThymuSkin peptides, complement each other. They form the Thymuskin active ingredient complex. The basic hair and scalp treatment stops hair loss, prevents premature loss and revitalizes the hair from the root to the tip – healthy growth, vital hair regeneration. ThymuSkin Shampoo can also be used on its own as a preventative or nourishing treatment. It is suitable for daily use. Its concentrated formula means that it should be applied sparingly; only a small amount is required per wash.

ThymuSkin med Products – Hair Gel + Yellow Shampoo

Application of products from the ThymuSkin med range is indicated for cases of severe, congenital hair loss (more than 150 hairs per day). The concentrated, active ThymuSkin ingredient contains other special nourishing agents, which provide the hair follicles with important peptides and vitamins. The ThymuSkin med preparations are also recommended for long hair, which is under serious threat of loss if it fails to receive sufficient nutrients. Simply replace your former shampoo and hair care products with Thymuskin-med preparations. Within just one to two weeks, your hair will appear healthier than before and weak hair roots will have been re-activated to promote new hair growth. Thymuskin med Hair Treatment Gel is intended for use on dry or seborrheic scalps and where balding is already present. It demonstrates very good results in both women and men. Thanks to the higher concentration of active ThymuSkin ingredients and its special production process, the gel is free of side-effects and helps the hair and scalp to quickly regain their normal condition. Thymuskin med Hair Treatment Gel achieves lasting success in preventing congenital hair loss and activating new hair growth. Suitable for severe hair loss and problematic hair, Thymuskin med (yellow) Shampoo nourishes the hair and invigorates and activates the hair follicles to promote new hair growth. Thymuskin med Shampoo has a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to the blue shampoo and has additional nourishing elements for long hair. In both men and women, the effectiveness of combining ThymuSkin med Shampoo with med Hair Treatment Gel has been consistently observed by various German university hospitals and skin clinics.

ThymuSkin Gold Advanced Hair Care

ThymuSkin Gold is the result of some twenty years experience. The innovative product line contains the patented unique fully synthetic peptide library GKL02 in double concentration. The formulations are characterized by content of ecological safe preservatives, surfactants (mild cleansing and ph-neutral to skin) which don’t contain any perfume Allergens. The exquisite raw materials are optimizing the combing of hair and are giving shine to it. New dispensers of the Gold preparations enable application more economically and efficiently.

ThymuSkin Gold Hair Treatment

Premium Thymuskin Gold Hair Treatment significantly improves the quality of the hair and lends it shine and elasticity. It contains double the concentration of the unique Thymuskin active ingredient complex. It is made up exclusively of selected, high quality ingredients at a higher level of concentration. It has a lasting effect against hair loss and activates new hair growth. ThymuSkin Gold Hair Treatment Conditioner significantly improves the quality of the hair and lends it shine and elasticity.

ThymuSkin Gold Shampoo

Thymuskin Gold Shampoo is the very best in our range. With twice the concentration of the patented ThymuSkin active ingredient and high quality nourishing agents, it offers the very best for daily, advanced hair care. ThymuSkin Gold is a shampoo designed for both men and women who want the very best for their hair. Glossy, healthy hair. Nourishment for the scalp.


ThymuSkin Hair Balm Rinse

Thymuskin Hair Balm Rinse should be applied to brittle, split or very dry hair. It is also suitable for flaky dandruff and itchy scalps. Thymuskin Hair Balm Rinse contains avocado oil, in addition to the active ingredients of Thymuskin. This natural oil regulates the scalp’s grease content and nourishes the scalp und hair. Thymuskin Hair Balm Rinse lends moisture and shine to the hair, making hair sleeker and easier to comb.

ThymuSkin Hair Mask

A preventative treatment to protect the hair. The hair is heavily exposed to environmental factors and UV radiation. Without protection, it can become severely stressed and worn out. Thymuskin Hair Mask is a curative treatment for existing hair damage, yet also prevents further damage from occurring. ThymuSkin active ingredient complex corresponds to the keratin components contained in the hair. The identical structure facilitates absorption of the peptides and vitamins. The active substances penetrate the damaged, porous areas and form a natural protective layer on the hair itself.

ThymuSkin GKL Vital Capsules

The enhancing treatment for skin, hair and fingernails. As a dietary supplement, the GKL Vitality Capsules contain the biologically active coenzyme Q10, along with the unique, patented active ingredient complex consisting of amino acids, vitamins, high quality linseed oil with omega 3 and omega 6 acids, and Q10. Q10 improves the oxygen supply and metabolism in all human cells. This dietary supplement is designed to remedy symptoms of deficiency. The stimulating properties ensure vitality, healthy hair, beautiful skin and strong nails.



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